GoFit Barrel Roller

Contoured Support = Superior Massage The GoFit Barrel Roller allows deeper pressure with greater stability while rolling with the body's natural contours for effective targeted massage. The deep grooves and "Go" pattern of the Barrel Roller promote blood flow, knot release, increased flexibility, decreased recovery time, and a fantastic deep tissue massage! * Arched "Barrel Shape Support" rolls with the body's contours while offering greater support for targeted massage * Deeply-grooved relief "Go" pattern improves blood flow and helps break up knotted muscle tissue * Thick, massaging foam that's firm, but ultra-soft to the touch * UltraFin Core prevents flexing and breaking of inner core * Holds more weight than traditional "hollow core" rollers * Awaken tired muscles pre-workout and knead aching muscles post-workout * Patent Pending Length: 18.25" Diameter: 6"