GoFit GoTac Wrist Wrap Gloves

The GoFit Pro Trainer Wrist Wrap Glove has an advanced ergonomic, padded palm with silicone Go-Tac Grip and Super Grit Grip between the thumb and forefinger for durable comfort and maximum gripping power. Superior high-performance materials and progressive design help reduce hand fatigue and makes these gloves first-rate in the GoFit glove lineup. * Synthetic leather etched wrist wrap with adjustable Velcro closure. * Leather palm with ergonomic, silicone Go Grip * Super Grit Grip on forefinger and thumb for maximum gripping power. * Four-way stretch material between fingers for comfortable, secure fit. * Vented jersey back with soft suede sweat wipe * Reinforced, double-stitched, leather fingers. * Finger pull tab for easy removal.