GoFit Men's Extreme AG Training Glove w/ Wrist Wrap

The GoFit Xtreme Wrist Wrap Training Gloves are made with premium leather and are designed with an advanced Articulated Grip. The grip puts your hand in a natural, flexed position, removing excess material from the palm of the glove, improving comfort, hand dexterity and grip strength. Combining the Articulated Grip with ergonomic, gel-padded palm, wrist wrap and technically-advanced materials for a weightlifting glove superior in comfort and durability. *Palm Features:* * Double-Layer, Etched Leather Palm for maximum durability * Ergonomic, Hinged Palm Design * Gel Padded Palm for superior comfort * Breathable, Genuine Leather Palm * Finger Pull Tab for easy removal * Easy-On Finger Loop * Etched Leather Wrist Wrap with Adjustable Velcro Closure *Back Features:* * Vented Jersey Back for optimum comfort and breathability * Neoprene Knuckle Panel for increased flexibility * Reinforced Fingers and Double-Stitching * Advanced Microfiber Thumb * Neoprene-Lined Wrist Wrap