GoFit Polar Foot Roller

GoFit's newest cryo therapy treatment is now offered as an ergonomic foot-massage roller - the Polar Foot Roller - providing ideal relief for plantar fasciitis. Frozen water bottles have long been used to reduce swelling and inflammation and ease the pain of plantar fasciitis. GoFit's Polar Foot Roller offers a cleaner, faster and more effective solution for rolling-out this cold therapy. Place the GoFit Polar Foot Roller into the freezer between uses. The unique inner liquid stays cold for an extended time for active, cold-therapy relief with no wet ice-pack mess. * Effective relief for plantar fasciitis. * Stainless roller surface stays cold. * Ice-pack-type therapy, plus massaging relief. * Durable, smooth-rolling urethane wheels. * Highly Portable * No wet, melting mess. * Patent Pending * Roller size - Length: 6.5" Diameter: 2.75"