GoFit Revolve Roller w/ Interchangable Rings

045 - Revolve Roller- 4 High Profile, 2 Medium Profile and 3 Low Profile 423 - Revolve Roller- 0 High Profile, 4 Medium Profile and 5 Low Profile *The first adaptive massage roller is here!* This first-ever, transforming massage roller adapts for targeted massage. You adapt it to fit your massage by rearranging the nine Adaptive Massage Rings. Offered in varied sets of three sizes, these interchangeable rings, provide ultra-diverse massage options, from superficial to deep tissue compression. Each ring has variable patterns of raised ridges that promote circulation and release trigger points. Simply slide the rings on and off the roller to create limitless massage configurations. *Ring outside diameters:* * Red - Low profile: 5.875" * Grey - Mid profile: 6.25" * Green - High profile: 6.625"