GoFit Soft Wrist Weight Bracelets

Walking, hiking, running, yoga, and more - GoFit Soft Weight Bracelets add resistance and increase intensity to any workout or activity! The GoFit Soft Weight Bracelets are a versatile training accessory that can be worn on your wrist or ankles (one size fits most). Each bracelet is 1lb (2lb pair) with eight weighted ingots coated in a soft-touch TPE surface and comfortable hidden Velcro closure. Tone and tighten in comfort with the easy to adjust Soft Weight Bracelets! * Add resistance to any activity or workout - 1lb per bracelet (2lb/pair) * Adjustable and easy to wear * Durable, soft-touch TPE surface that is skin-friendly and easy to clean * Hidden Velcro closure with adjustable elastic strap to wear on wrists or ankles * Eight, TPE coated ingots per bracelet - Seven weighted ingots, one none weighted in the middle - Five ignots are removable; three are permanently sewn on - Individual ingot dimensions (1 bar): 2.75 inches x.75 inches * One size fits most - Lying flat dimensions: 11.5 inches x 2.75 inches - One bracelet fits up to 4-inch diameter securely