GoFit Ultimate Pro Lifting Hooks

Maximize gains and reduce hand fatigue with GoFit Ultra Pro Lifting Hooks! These solid steel lifting hooks are the perfect accessories to enhance your grip while supporting your wrists, so you can work with more weight for longer durations. Simple to use - the coated steel hooks simply hook over the weight bar to give you a stronger, more secure hold. Durable webbed wrist wraps with thick neoprene padding provide firm and comfortable support for heavy lifts. Get the most out of those last reps! Add GoFit Ultra Pro Lifting Hooks to your weight program and enhance your grip for lat pull downs, shrugs, dead lifts, low pulls, pull ups and more. * Lifting hooks help reduce hand fatigue, so you can lift more weight longer * Non-slip coating on solid steel hooks or superior grip and durability * 2-inch adjustable padded wrist wraps for maximum comfort, support, and stability