GoFit Walking Poles (pair)

Whether you are hiking up mountains, wandering park trails, or walking through your neighborhood-the GoTrek Trekking Poles are there to increase your balance and reduce stress on your feet, legs, knees and back while exploring! Benefits of GoTrek Trekking Poles * Poles distribute the weight of your body, and any pack you carry, more evenly across the body * Helps you maintain balance, improves stability and protects your spine, hips, knees and ankles on multiple surface areas * Uphill or downhill-improves endurance, power and speed * Builds muscle in arms, shoulders and neck * Improves posture which can help boost your breathing and prevent back pain Features * Sturdy, lightweight, aluminum construction * Ergonomic foam grips with adjustable straps * Interchangeable tips for all types of terrain * Length-adjustable from 42" up to 49" indicated in inches and centimeters * Compact, tri-fold design