Signature Casein Protein

Make your protein work while you sleep! Because of its slow-release, casein provides a steady stream of these amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery over several hours. Whey protein digests quickly and is ideal for stimulating muscle protein synthesis after your workout. Casein, on the other hand, digests slowly and inhibits muscle protein breakdown. With 25 grams of slow release micellar casein protein in each serving, your favorite smoothies, puddings, and drinks are now doing the most for you. Mix one scoop with 6 ounces of water, milk, fruit juice, or your favorite beverage. Ideally take one serving immediately following your workout. To modify the consistency of your protein, increase or decrease the liquid level to your liking -Slow-Release to Feed Muscles Over Time* -Supports Muscle Recovery & Growth* -Builds Lean Muscle* -Helps Support Immune System* -Ideal for Nighttime or 2-4 Hours Before Training Building muscle isn't just about consuming enough protein: It has to be the right protein. When you ingest whey protein, the amount of amino acids in your bloodstream rapidly peaks, then declines. Ingestion of casein causes a slow and steady increase of amino acids in your blood, supporting muscle recovery over a longer period of time.*