dpl Red Light Therapy Eye Mask

The DPL red light therapy mask is perfect for temporary pain relief associated with migraines, headaches, sinus pressure, relaxation, of temporal muscle tension. Red light therapy was first used by NASA to relieve pain and retain muscle mass for astronauts in space. The dpl LED light therapy mask uses red and infrared light therapy to penetrate deep into the skin for migraine relief, headache relief, and blood circulation.

  • Drug-free alternative for eye and head pain relief. Red light therapy for your face is a perfect alternative to pain relief pills. It is deep penetrating with little to no side effects and is an excellent source of pain relief.
  • Uses scientifically proven red light therapy for your eyes. dpl light therapy products use the same technology originally used by NASA. The red light mask delivers deep penetrating red and infrared light therapy without any side effects or heat.
  • FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device. All dpl products are FDA-cleared and provide professional-grade red light treatment. Now you can get infrared treatment without the high-cost and without having to see a health professional.
  • Patented flexible circuit board for maximum flex. The led therapy mask uses a patented flexible circuit board for flexibility while in use. It's been designed to not just be an effective pain relief mask, but to be comfortable as well.
  • Accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, promotes circulation and drug free pain relief. Light healing therapy uses red and infrared light to penetrate deep beneath the skin, unlike traditional heating pads.