JaktRX Promino Plant-Based Protein Powder

PROMINO, our revolutionary muscle growth formula, is designed for athletes striving for greatness. It is a plant based, 100 percent optimized protein powder engineered to stimulate muscle growth, outperforming whey protein in absorption rates. PROMINO facilitates swift muscle recovery, encouraging optimal muscle tissue repair and growth. Sweetened with Stevia, this Fruit Punch flavored protein powder makes an ideal post workout supplement to amplify your results. With over two decades of clinical research, PROMINO offers an optimal nutrient ratio to stimulate muscle protein synthesis i.e. MPS, holding a US and WO Patent for muscle recovery and improved MPS respectively. NSF Certified for Sport and tested against 280 banned substances, PROMINO ensures a clean, potent formula to help you achieve desired muscle growth. The delectable taste of our product makes your workout sessions even more rewarding. *BUILD MUSCLE: PROMINO provides a pure 100 percent optimized protein formula that is designed for maximum muscle growth potential and has faster absorption rates than other protein supplements for men and women *IMPROVE PERFORMANCES AND STRENGTH: This muscle recovery drink strengthens your body after a workout, add this plant based protein shake to your post workout gym routine for optimal results. *TRUST EXPERT ADVICE: Developed by the University of Arkansas to provide superior nutrition for athletes, PROMINO can help double the muscle building process, and outperforms whey protein powders. *NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT: Promino post workout powder has been designed for athletic people who accept only the cleanest muscle supporting ingredients making PROMINO a must-have muscle building supplement for men and women *SWEETEN YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE: This delicious, Stevia sweetened plant based powder has been awarded a US Patent for recovery of muscle growth and function after physical exercise as well as an WO Patent for improved muscle protein synthesis.