Method Performance Supplements Defrag Optimize Sleep Dietary Supplement

Defrag was formulated with one goal in mind - optimizing the most important part of your day, SLEEP. If you're like us you spend a majority of your day grinding away, stressed out, and getting sh!t done. No matter what your day looks like, getting the most out of your shut-eye is crucial. That's why in each scoop of Defrag you will find premium, properly dosed, proven ingredients aimed towards improving sleep quality - by boosting the brain's calming neurotransmitters, and utilizing powerful adaptogens to combat damaging cortisol levels, stress and anxiety. We also realize that in today's day & age, most people spend a good amount of time straining their vision, focused on screens. So we included powerful antioxidants known for protecting and boosting eye health. Let your biological computer DEFRAG, and wake up feeling refreshed, recovered, and primed to face a new day.