RDX Sports Arm Pad T15

The shock-absorbent center of these durable Convex Skin Thai pads are designed to tire your athlete out before showing any signs of wear and tear. Durably stitched using high-quality threads, a layer of shock-absorbent gel slabs over the compressed EVA padding to serve up the most efficient shock-absorbency against the hard impacts of a knee, elbow or kick. If you're a power striking Muay Thai wrecking machine, you may have just met your match. Convex Skin combat leather not only lasts long in the gym, it also matches temperature fluctuations. Shell-shock gel lining combined with Supremo-Shock Foam doubles down on impact resistance Thick slabs of EVA-LUTION padding are compressed one over the other to form a barrage of shock-absorbent padding against the heaviest of blows. Slightly curved, these Thai pad are stitched using high-quality threads to ensure zero chances of wear and tear Quick-EZ - Hook-and-Loop closure for the perfect fit and easy application