RDX Sports L1 Mark Pro Training Head Guard

Give your protection gear an ultimate upgrade with the premium RDX Head Guard. Fabricated using comfortable and breathable dazzle fabric inside and super skin combat leather outside, the head guard is a perfect blend of high-end comfortability and top-notch protection. Supermo ShockTM Equilibrium Foam Sheet ensures that the shock is completely dissipated. EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET not only provides decisive protection against hooks and jabs but also keeps you sweat-free while training by providing an excellent passage way to air. Exceptional Sponge X PADDING promises an impeccable construction. * The sturdiest Super Skin and breathable Dazzle Fabric encapsulates the shock-absorbent interior of these highly durable Head Guards. * EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET delivers decisive immunity during high-intensity workouts. * Supermo ShockTM Equilibrium Foam Sheet provides outstanding protection against shocks and gives sweat-free training experience. * Sponge X PADDING assures a perfect construction. * Quick-EZ hook and loop closure for snug fit ensuring zero budge or slip.