RDX Sports Lira 2 Mark Pro Training Head Guard

This nose protector head guard is built to PRO specs. Made using high-quality combat leather, Super Skin encapsulates the shock-absorbent contents of this nose bar head gear. High-quality PVC frame inside the head guard ensures sturdy nose protection against the heaviest of shots. Perfect for sparring, the bar head guard is designed to allow panoramic vision without any obstruction. This allows you to spot strikes that come from blind spot angles giving you ample time to calibrate the body for impact, or to simply get out of the way. Built with the right amount of weight to keep it from shifting or budging during those intense spars. The Mark Series pro head guard is everything you needed. * The sturdiest Super Skin and breathable Dazzle Fabric encapsulates the shock-absorbent interior of these highly durable Head Guards. * The PVC bar nose guard is covered with SPONGE-X to soften impact while guarding the face. * Max Shock Equilibrium Foam padded ears offers cushioning against hard shots aimed at the ear. * Quick-EZ hook and loop closure for snug fit ensuring zero budge or slip. FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA GRAPPLING MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (FIGMMA) Approved