RDX Sports M1 Men's Sweat Vest

Unleash your inner furnace with the RDX Sauna Range 2.0 men's sweat vest. Eco-champion (REACH & OEKO-TEX 100 compliant!), it ignites a 5x sweat storm with Heat Suit™ Tech's PU-coated blue lining. Move freely in the form-fitting hug, stay seen with reflective accents, and conquer from jogs to HIITs. This athleticwear wonder maximizes your workout, not distractions. Sweat smarter, not harder. * REACH & OEKO-TEX 100 certified for worry-free, premium workouts. Trust in quality and sweat in peace. * Sweat amplified 5X with the special blue heat-trapping lining of the Instant Sweat™ Fabric, ensuring optimal results. Thanks to our state-of-the-art Heat Suit™ Tech. * Form-fitting, stretchable, durable fabric hugs your body and flows with you, ensuring perfect fit, mobility, and workouts. * An aesthetic and reflective front logo with a back stripe ensures your visibility in low light scenarios. * Anti-slip spandex piping keeps the vest put, distraction-free. Focus on your goals, not adjustments. * Tailored neck elevates your look, while seamless stitching ensures smooth, comfortable moves. * Jogs, HIIT, errands? You got this. Conquer any activity, push your limits with every step, every move.