RDX Sports M2 Men's Zippered Sweat Vest

This eco-champion (REACH & OEKO-TEX 100 certified!), men's sweat vest amps your burn with 5x sweat power, thanks to Heat Suit™ Tech's blue lining (PU-coated). Body-hugging fabric moves with you, sculpting your physique while a hidden zip and reflective accents keep you focused and visible. From dawn jogs to fiery HIITs, sweat smarter, not harder, in this versatile wonder. Your fitness journey, redefined. * Maintains REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 standards for safe, high-quality, and environmentally conscious sweat sessions. * Heat Suit™ Technology incorporates Instant Sweat™ Fabric with a specialized PU-coated blue lining to boost sweat production by 5x and retain body heat effectively. * Precision stitching on stretchable, body-hugging material ensures both aesthetics and unrestricted mobility. * Concealed front zipper with skin protection loop for effortless use. * Enhanced visibility in low light conditions with a reflective front emblem and rear stripe. * Spandex piping prevents slipping, ensuring long-lasting performance and shape. * A tailored neck design enhances aesthetic appeal and elevates your workout style. * Suitable for various workouts, from leisurely jogs to high-intensity interval training sessions.