RDX Sports W2 Women's Zippered Sweat Vest

Sweat smarter, not harder with the RDX women sweat vest. This sleek vest, crafted with safe, premium materials, amps sweat 5x with Heat Suit™ Tech, torching calories and sculpting your body. Flex freely with the form-fitting design, while clever zip and reflective accents keep you focused on conquering your goals. Own your fitness journey, from dawn jogs to fiery HIIT, with comfort and confidence. * REACH AND OEKO-TEX 100 compliance for safe, premium, and eco-friendly sweat sessions. * Heat Suit™ Technology featuring Instant Sweat™ Fabric with special PU-coated blue lining for 5x sweat amplification. * Form-fitting, stretchable material with precision stitching for uncompromised aesthetics and mobility. * Hidden front zipper with skin protection loop for convenient usage. * Reflective front logo and back stripe for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. * Anti-slip spandex piping ensures lasting shape and performance. * Tailored neck design for added aesthetic value and elevated workout style. * Suitable for diverse workouts, from jogs and runs to HIIT sessions.