Codeage Collagen Peptides Powder + Vitamin C

* Liposomal hydrolyzed collagen supplement providing 2 types of collagen (I & III) * Grass-fed pasture-raised BioPeptide Collagen * Liposomal vitamin C antioxidant formula with essential phospholipids * Quercetin phytosome from Sophora japonica flower * Sunflower-derived phospholipids and lecithins including phosphatidylcholine * 18 amino acids * Unflavored * Up to 30 servings * Zero carbs * Liposomal delivery matrix * Easy to mix in coffee, juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and other beverages or baked treats. Simply add 1 scoop daily of this liposomal collagen powder vitamins formula to your favorite drinks * Non-GMO & BSE-free * Does not contain shellfish * Keto & paleo-friendly * Soy, dairy & gluten-free * Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP certified facility * Third party tested