Codeage NMN & Betaine Anhydrous TMG Capsules Supplement

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) stabilized form in powder-filled capsules NMN is known to be a precursor for NAD+ This NMN supplement also offers betaine anhydrous (TMG) in each serving - Betaine has been studied for its support in athletic and muscle endurance and performance* This liposomal NMN formula features a liposomal delivery matrix with phospholipids sourced from non-GMO sunflower Liposomal delivery for enhanced absorption - Liposomes may help encapsulate, transport, and deliver nutrients more efficiently in the body* 1 capsule a day Vegan and non-GMO Gluten, dairy, soy-free, and keto-friendly Free of artificial ingredients and preservatives NMN may play a role as a NAD activator / NAD precursor* 1-month supply Formulated for both women and men NAD has been researched for its role in stem cells, telomeres, and cellular energy - NAD+ levels usually decline with age* Third-party tested Manufactured in the USA a cGMP-certified facility (Good Manufacturing Practices)