dpl Red Light Therapy Neck Pillow

Harness the power of red LED light therapy using Neck Pillow DPL light therapy system. The neck support pillow delivers red light therapy at home to provide quick relief from neck pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Red light therapy devices work below the skin's surface to reach deep into tissues to stimulate cells while increasing circulation for targeted pain relief at the source. Combined with high-density foam, the orthopedic neck pillow is perfect for anyone with acute or chronic neck pain.

  • High-quality memory foam provides maximum support. The travel neck pillow is constructed with high-density foam to offer comfort and firm support.
  • Premium fabric cover provides a soft resting surface. Feel relaxed while the dpl pain relief neck pillow delivers deep penetrating pain relief
  • Uses 21 high-powered medical-grade LED bulbs that reach deep into joints and soft tissue. Unlike traditional heating pads, LED light therapy for pain is deep penetrating to reach tendons and muscles.
  • 6 x 1.5 treatment area encompasses the entire neck. The infrared light therapy neck pain relief pillow is designed with a larger surface area for pain relief in all areas of the neck.
  • Reduces pain, increases blood circulation, and promotes healing. Developed by NASA, red light therapy penetrated deep into the skin to reduce pain, increase blood circulation, accelerate healing, repair tissue, and relaxes muscles.