6AM Run Bolt - Extreme Training Pre-Workout

Introducing 6AM Run BOLT Extreme Training Formula! We've been hearing you loud and clear, "We want more energy!" 3 years after introducing Marathon (our formula that provides an even balance of mental clarity, endurance and energy), then our newest creation Sprint (a product specifically designed to cater towards those who prefer stronger versions in both focus and energy), we developed the perfect blend for those extreme energy seekers. The 6am Run BOLT Pre-Run/Workout is here to help you get more out of your runs and training. It has an electrolyte blend for hydration, beta alanine for endurance enhancement and a boost of muscular strength with 5000 mg of Citrulline Malate. As runners and cardio enthusiasts, we must continue our strength training if we truly want to RUN MORE! Adding 6AM Run Bolt to your pre-run routine will do that! 6AM Run Bolt Pre-Run/Workout comes in two delicious new flavors Citrus Blast and Popping Candy.