Me Today Manuka UMF 13+ MGO 404+ Honey

Innocently elegant, delicious and delightful. Crafted by bees from the nectar of the indigenous Mānuka bush. A perfect quality accompaniment to help you live your best life. Independently certified to meet the highest standards, our UMF 13+ Mānuka honey is guaranteed to contain at least 404mg/kg of naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MGO). With a rich and velvety hue, Me Today UMF13+ melts in your mouth. This super smooth honey is not overly sweet, and is a well-balanced high UMF Mānuka honey, creamed to perfection. Every jar of Me Today honey is lovingly made, tested and bottled in New Zealand, nothing added, nothing taken away, just 100% guaranteed New Zealand Mānuka Honey This honey may give you a slight tingle at the back of the throat, a mark of high UMF Mānuka honey. The UMF rating system independently certifies natural components found in Mānuka honey to assure potency, purity, authenticity, and freshness. Please see