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Bear KompleX Sports Chalk - 8 Blocks


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Size8 Blocks
GET A STRONGER GRIP: Whether you're climbing, lifting, or doing p-bar swings, you're in the zone. You don't have time to mess around with ineffective lifting chalk that crumbles, creates a paste, or doesn't properly protect your hands throughout your training sessions. You need Bear KompleX gym chalk blocks for an easy, no-mess, long-lasting superior grip on the bar, rockface, or pole, no matter what. BANISH BLISTERS FOR GOOD: All it takes in one blister or tear to quash your workout goals. Healing can take weeks or even months! Protective chalk for weightlifting, rock climbing, cross training, pole dancing, or gymnastics is essential for reducing friction, giving you a better grip, and ultimately preventing blisters, calluses, and painful raw hands. Don't take chances, stay in the game with Bear KompleX gym chalk blocks. SWEAT HARD WITHOUT THE SLIP: Our gym chalk is a must-have for anyone committed to their fitness goals. Your workout isn't easy, but you demand results from your effort. And a good, hard sweat is a sign of your power. Don't let the sweat break your stride or interfere with your safety. Our chalk block keeps your hands drier longer, helping to reduce slippage and keep you focused on your goals. CRUSH IT, BREAK IT, PINCH IT: Gymnastics chalk takes the mess right out of your workout. It's easy to use for your preferred application. Crush it into a powder. Break a piece off, and toss it in your gym chalk bag. Or pinch a piece off each time you need it, ideal for home workouts! No matter where you get your sweat on, you can count on our chalk block. We included 8 gym chalk blocks so you won't run out anytime soon. Superior Chalk Blocks 8 blocks = 1lb 1 block = 56g (2oz) 8 X 56g blocks in a box Box size: 18cm X 18cm X 9cm 100% magnesium carbonate Breaks apart easily & refills your climbing chalk bag For weight lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, cross training, etc.
About the Brand

<p>Bear KompleX (<span class="caps">BKX</span>) entered the fitness market in early 2015 working closely with the highest level of Crossfit athletes to help design the best hand grips on the planet. Shortly thereafter, the company&#8217;s patented two-hole and three-hole finger option hand grips swiftly developed a devoted following among serious athletes. The distinctive line of grips are made from genuine leather and carbon fiber to reduce slipping. They also have a custom wrist strap designed for comfort and support under the buckle. The <span class="caps">BKX</span> grips are engineered to protect athletes&#8217; hands during training and competition. The company&#8217;s aim is sincere: to assist CrossFit and functional fitness athletes in attaining the maximum level of performance, whether training or competing. <span class="caps">BKX</span> provides hand grips and other gear that is not only durable, but comfortable. The full support and stability provided by the grips result in the better overall health of the committed CrossFit athlete. All <span class="caps">BKX</span> products, including top-performing weight belts, knee sleeves, sandbags, backpacks, plate carrier vests, mobility tools and much more, are designed in the U.S. and can be found at</p>

Bear KompleX Sports Chalk - 8 Blocks


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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $75 away from free shipping.
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