Delos Therapy Gumdrop Deep Tissue Massage Tool

*EASY TO USE SELF-TREATMENT MASSAGE TOOL:* Perfect for relieving muscle tension, knots, stiffness, aches and pains. Works great for massaging those hard to reach tight muscles. This eye-catching, vibrant purple design will do your body wonders. *INNOVATIVE, CUTTING EDGE DESIGN:* Based on 40 years of clinical experience and extensive research in targeting muscle pain effectively. Its medium density firmness allows effective pressure with comfort. *TARGETED, THREE-DIMENSIONAL FEATURES:* With four various sized pressure tools, you can quickly target deep muscles in trigger points; its unique design creates the ultimate whole-body pain relief tool across the back, neck, shoulders and more. *VERSATILE AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:* Ideal for physical therapy recovery to stretch muscles, eliminate deep muscle stiffness, increase flexibility and prevent injury. *TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE:* Easy to use in the gym, at yoga, at home, or in the office; its lightweight, compact nature makes it your go-to travel tool. Pop it in your bag for instant muscle pain relief wherever you travel.