Epic Fitness Epic Fitness Power Strength Pull Up Band Set

Super resistance bands can give you more support and even more ways to train your body. The design is suitable for beginners or advanced trainers. Our bands are made of natural latex, which is body-safe, non-toxic, and odorless. Exercises that can be done with training bands are endless. They assist with pull ups, dips, pushups, and add dimension to any strength training where you can anchor the bands. Great for strength, conditioning, or physical therapy. Each band is about 82 inches in circumference with varying widths for resistance. * Extra Light (1/2" 10-35LBs) in red: Our lowest resistance for warming up muscles, stretching, and light strength training of accessory muscles. Great for shoulder work. * Light (3/4" 30-60LBs) in black: Light resistance for mobility work and a deeper stretch assist. * Medium (1 1/4" 40-80LBs) in purple: Moderate resistance for strength exercises. A fantastic support system for pull ups. * Heavy (1 3/4" 50-125LBs) in green: Heavy resistance for strength training. Get even more support on your pull ups as you build strength. * Ultra (2 1/2" 65-175LBs) in blue: Heavy resistance for weight training and is the biggest support for learning pull ups. Great for squats, presses and more!