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iRide Supplements Caramel Bites


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Package Size7 Servings
FlavorChocolate Caramel
The iRide High Protein Caramel Bites are another huge evolution in energy delivery for riders and athletes alike. With an unbelievably good flavor, you'll wonder how these can be real. Our High Protein Caramel Chocolate Cookie goes above and beyond by incorporating a generous amount of muscle-building protein into every scrumptious morsel. Crafted with the health-conscious individual in mind, we've taken care to ensure that you can indulge guilt-free, knowing that each bite contributes to your fitness goals. Whether you're a gym enthusiast, an on-the-go professional, or simply a lover of exquisite treats, this cookie is the perfect companion. With its convenient size, it easily fits into your gym bag, desk drawer, or handbag, ready to satisfy your cravings whenever they strike. It's a versatile delight that can be enjoyed as a post-workout snack, a midday pick-me-up, or a delightful dessert. Even with all that balanced energy, it sits well in your stomach during activity or exercise! No gross feelings, no bad after tastes, just an amazing flavor! 7 HUGE cookies per box! (per cookie) 170 Cals, 12g protein, 18g carbs, <1g sugar, 7g fa We guarantee you're going to be amazed by these! Or your money back no questions asked. Please note* contains soy bean protein, wheat, milk products. Also manufactured in a facility that contains peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.

Enjoy these caramel bites as a savory healrth friendly treat as needed.


Contains, mik, soybeans and peanuts.
May contain: wheat, eggs, tree nuts, sesame and fish.

Support Your Goals

<p>The iRide High Protein Caramel Bites&#8217; represent a remarkable advancement in energy delivery, catering to both riders and athletes with an unbelievably delectable flavor that might just make you question their reality.</p>
<p>Our High Protein Caramel Chocolate Cookie goes above and beyond by infusing ample muscle-building protein into each delightful morsel. Designed with health-conscious individuals in mind, you can indulge in these guilt-free treats, knowing that every bite contributes to your fitness objectives.</p>
<p>Whether you&#8217;re a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional on the move, or simply someone with an appreciation for exquisite treats, this cookie is the perfect companion. Its compact size fits seamlessly into your gym bag, desk drawer, or handbag, ready to satisfy your cravings at a moment&#8217;s notice. It&#8217;s a versatile delight that serves as an ideal post-workout snack, a midday energy booster, or a delightful dessert.</p>
<p>Despite its balanced energy content, it sits comfortably in your stomach during physical activity or exercise, leaving you without any unpleasant sensations or aftertastes &#8211; just pure, amazing flavor!</p>
<p>Each box boasts a generous count of 7 <span class="caps">HUGE</span> cookies, and each cookie provides 170 calories, 12g of protein, 18g of carbs, less than 1g of sugar, and 7g of healthy fats. We&#8217;re so confident you&#8217;ll be amazed by these treats that we offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.</p>
<p>Please note* these cookies contain soybean protein, wheat, and milk products. They are also produced in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame.</p>
<p>Indulge in these <span class="caps">LOW</span> <span class="caps">SUGAR</span>, amazingly delicious caramel snacks guilt-free. There&#8217;s no need to force them down; every bite is a delightful experience. Our snacks provide your body with the ultimate boost in recovery, repair, and on-the-go energy while you savor the unreal crisp vanilla flavor.</p>
<p>Say goodbye to bad aftertastes and difficult digestion &#8211; our caramel bites are designed to be craved for the feeling of being in control of your health and recovery.</p>
<p>Each chewy caramel bite is perfectly dipped in chocolate, making them ideal for on-the-go snacks, hiking trails, or any time you want to ditch cookie cravings and fuel up with this sinfully sweet yet nutritionally balanced snack, tailored for athletes and those seeking a guilt-free indulgence.</p>
<p>And don&#8217;t forget, you get a whopping 7 <span class="caps">HUGE</span> wafers per box, with each wafer providing 170 calories, 12g of protein, 18g of carbs, less than 1g of sugar, and 7g of healthy fats.</p>
<p>So, what&#8217;s in it? Every cookie is crafted with complete dairy-based proteins, delivering all nine essential amino acids your body needs. These snacks are crafted from our own recipe to ensure the quality you&#8217;ve come to expect from iRide. Try them today and experience a new level of snack satisfaction!</p>

About the Brand

<p>iRide is more than just a brand; it&#8217;s a movement born from the passion of action sports and fitness enthusiasts, just like you. We understand the dedication it takes to gear up, give your best, and bounce back stronger, allowing you to pursue your passions with unbridled enthusiasm. Whether it&#8217;s dominating the gym, conquering new horizons, or chasing your wildest dreams to make a lasting impact, iRide is your partner in every stride.</p>
<p>Our mission is to equip you with the tools, gear, and inspiration to break boundaries and shatter limits. We&#8217;re not just here to help you ride; we&#8217;re here to help you soar. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and style, our products are designed to complement your active lifestyle and empower your inner adventurer. From high-performance sports equipment to cutting-edge fitness gear, iRide is your trusted companion on the journey to excellence.</p>
<p>But iRide is more than just gear; it&#8217;s a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for action, adventure, and self-improvement. Join us in embracing the thrill of the ride and let iRide elevate your journey to new heights. Together, we&#8217;ll push boundaries, chase dreams, and leave our mark on the world. This is more than a brand; it&#8217;s a lifestyle. This is iRide.</p>
<p>Trust and Transparency:</p>
<p>At Signature, trust and transparency are the pillars of our commitment to your well-being. Our signature products are meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, and we take pride in sharing every detail with you. We don&#8217;t believe in hiding behind vague &#8220;&#8220;proprietary blends.&#8221;&#8220; With us, you&#8217;ll always have complete clarity about what you&#8217;re nourishing your body with.</p>
<p>Effective Doses:</p>
<p>We understand that you&#8217;re not just looking for empty promises but tangible results. That&#8217;s why we&#8217;re dedicated to providing you with supplements that truly make a difference. We adhere to the principle of effective dosing, ensuring that each ingredient in our products is present in quantities that have been scientifically proven to deliver the desired outcomes. No shortcuts, no compromises &#8211; just the right amount to get the job done.</p>
<p>Research-Backed Ingredients:</p>
<p>In the ever-evolving world of supplements, it&#8217;s easy to be swayed by the latest trends. At Signature, we value the tried-and-true, gym-proven ingredients that stand the test of time. Your fitness goals deserve ingredients that have consistently proven their worth. That&#8217;s precisely what you&#8217;ll find in Signature products &#8211; a commitment to what works, not just what&#8217;s momentarily popular. Because your journey to success deserves nothing less.</p>

iRide Supplements Caramel Bites


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