KompleX Nutrition Max Night Optimized Sleep

Max Night What Is It And Why Should You Care? Max Night Is A Supplement That Helps You (I'M Sure You'Ve Guessed It) Sleep! Who Is It For? Anyone With The Following Symptoms: Does It Take You Longer Than 10 Minutes To Fall Asleep? Do You Wake Up Frequently At Night For Extended Periods Of Time? Do You Wake Up Very Early And Can Never Fall Back Asleep? Do You Feel Unrested And Lethargic Even After You Get A Full Night'S Sleep? Do You Have Specific Body Composition And/Or Performance Goals? Do You Train Hard? Max Night Includes Zinc, Magnesium And Vitamin B6 For It'S Base. This Combination Is Commonly Known As Zma. On Top Of That It Also Includes L-Dopa Which Is A Precursor To Dopamine. Dopamine Is Essential For Sleep, Memory, Mood, Mental Functions, And Calming The Nervous System. Gaba The Other Ingredient Has A Natural Calming Effect On The Brain And Also Reduces Stress. Too Much Stress Is Linked To Poor Sleep, A Weaker Immune System, And A Higher Risk Of Depression, Among Other Things.