RDX Sports 75P Rechargeable 10.3ft Smart Digital Counter Skipping Rope with USB & App

Losing track of time, calories, or number of hoops jumped? Our new LCD multifunctional smart skipping rope for adults tracks your fitness data and provides an easily accessible overview of your progress. It's the ultimate addition to your home gym setup and the best adult skipping rope for fitness. The handles of our digital skipping rope are made of premium quality Acrylic to keep the digital counter within secure and maintain a balance of weight against the adjustable PVC coated cable wire. This not only provides a firm yet soft grip, but makes the jump rope light and easy to carry in its antimicrobial pouch. The handles are embedded with a top-quality LCD display, empowered with double hall precision sensors to mark each hoop. All this is powered with a top of the line battery, rechargeable via a micro USB port, to keep track of progress. The data accumulated is shared through a cloud based data synchronization tool which connects with a collaborative health & fitness app on the users' smartphone. With our electronic smart skipping rope you get to enjoy 3 interactive skipping modes - Free Jumping, Time Countdown Jumping and Numbers Countdown Jumping. Other features include a digital timer, calorie count, countdown timer, historical data, and collection of rich data. A 360° rotation inner ball bearing mechanism allows precision skipping with speed, stability and zero interruptions - making it suitable as both, a beginner smart jumping rope for rookies or a high-tech interval training tool for pros. Great exercise tool for all age groups of men, women and kids for losing weight. Available in a striking contrast of black and white with antimicrobial pouch for easy carry and workout manual. Also includes extra 10.3 ft. rope for your convenience. * HD DISPLAY- LCD screen displays progress with buttons below the screen to operate different modes (Free Jumping, Time Countdown Jumping & Numbers Countdown Jumping) or features such as digital timer, countdown timer, calorie and jump count. Cloud-based synchronization & real-time upload provides safe data storage and easy retrieval via apps/social platforms for tracking performance metrics. * COMFORTABLE HANDLES - Premium acrylic handles with soft grip are designed for comfort and ease of use without slippage or straining hands. Optimally weighted handles help maintain balance against the cable wire rope for greater stability during skipping. Lightweight, user-friendly design provides convenient use for all sizes and ages - men, women or kids. Great addition to any home gym setup. * INTELLIGENT PRECISION SENSORS, EASY TO CARRY - Our smart rope comes with 360-degree precision sensors accurately record jumps. All metrics can be later viewed as a collection of rich data. It helps to assess and adjust your workouts according to your needs - whether it is to lose weight or develop muscle tone. Compact size, antimicrobial pouch & workout manual allows workouts on-the-go. * SMART DESIGN, SMART TECHNOLOGY & USB CHARGING - Our digital skipping rope comes with adjustable 10.3 ft. extra long cord to avoid cutting off excess cable. Also included is a micro USB charging facility (up to 2 hours) along with a long-life, rechargeable battery (150 days). It allows you to work out conveniently indoors or outdoors. * TANGLE FREE & SMOOTH BALL BEARING - Steel cable that resists bending, entangling, and wear & tear like ordinary ropes. The PVC sheath further enhances its durability and makes it suitable for use on any kind of surface. The 360-degree universal ball bearing maintains speed and stability without twists or bends. Suitable for pros looking for a gym rope and, beginners training in home gyms.