RDX Sports F6 Kara Gym Workout Abs Straps

The F6 Ab straps are made from indestructible N-Tear X Mayahide leather for you to hang freely and complete your ab workouts without hindrance. The straps are held together with the finest nylon fabric and powdered D-Ring hooks with carabiners. Furthermore, it's strapped into place using our classic hook and loop system. This RDX F6 Ab Gym Strap is adjustable using a PVC coated shackle making it the perfect product for all gym enthusiasts. * N Tear - X Mayahide Leather indestructible exterior. * Nylon Strap with Hook and Loop for secure fastening. * Neoprene Jacket/Grip - 6mm Neoprene internal for a soft yet grippy hold. * Powder Coated D-Ring Hook and Carabiner for shackling with hooks. * PVC coated buckle makes it versatile and adjustable.