RDX Sports FP Kids 10.3ft Adjustable Skipping Rope with Counter

Promote a healthy mindset from the get-go by giving children the right tools from a young age to improve their overall health and fitness. The user-friendly design of RDX Kids Counter Jump Rope helps address the needs of kids who are starting to learn skipping rope. Simple yet functional counting skipping rope is a must-have for active kids and can be kept in home gyms for a fun adult skipping workout anytime. The soft cable is extremely forgiving on impact with little legs or heads, and yet durable enough to survive wear & tear against any kind of surface. Great for playgrounds and rope games in the backyard. The lightweight non-slip ABS plastic and memory foam coated handles sit comfortably in young hands without slipping and reduces resistance during rotations. So, now kids can have all the fun of skipping without pushing their bodies too hard and exhausting all of their energy. The integrated counter keeps track of each jump, encouraging healthy competition among young children. Let your kids build precious childhood memories and develop unbreakable bonds with friends as they challenge and cheer on each other to break the new skipping record. All the materials used in the making of our skipping rope for kids are eco-friendly - making it safe to use even for children of young ages. Simply adjust the length of the 10.3 ft. jump rope according to the child's height without having to cut off excess PVC cable. Available in blue, green, red and black colour, with its own antimicrobial pouch for safekeeping and carrying anywhere along with a skipping rope style manual. The ideal gift for any active boy or girl. * ADJUSTABLE- Our jump rope for kids is generously endowed with 10.3 ft. length which can easily be adjusted to the height of the user without cutting off excess cable. Suitable for kids and adults under 5.9 ft. height. A bargain fitness rope for home gyms. Available in blue, green, red and black colour, with its own antimicrobial pouch and workout manual for skipping rope beginners. * COMFORTABLE GRIP- Handles are designed to provide maximum comfort with durable plastic and a soft memory foam padding. This dynamic makes our junior jump rope handles non-slip and super lightweight, reducing resistance to rotations to prevent straining small wrists. * AUTOMATIC COUNTING FUNCTION- The ergonomic design is not just for comfort; it also encases the counter which automatically records the number of hoops jumped. It provides a safe outlet for some competitive aggression amongst young kids and helps develop social skills as well as friendships. Our tangle-free rope allows effortless flips for speed skipping without interruptions. * SAFETY MATERIALS- Bright-coloured, junior jump rope with integrated jump counter is custom made for young boys and girls. Soft woven cotton infused with quality plastic, the skipping rope is light and forgiving against the skin and yet durable enough against abrasive surfaces. Derived from environmentally friendly materials, it is safe to use for the young ones. * ANTI-SLIP SOFT MEMORY FOAM HANDLES- Constructed with anti-slip, lightweight ergonomically shaped handles coated with soft and comfortable skin-friendly memory foam grips which do not injure the palm even during long skipping. If you're tired of complex adult skipping ropes and are looking for a user-friendly gym rope, then this rope could be a great addition for home gym too.