RDX Sports Grappling Gloves F6

Improve your training experience using the newest RDX MMA gloves. Manufactured using Convex Skin Maya Hide leather provides the ultimate level of comfort and protection. Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam evenly distributes the shock and keeps your fists protected. Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop strap gives unprecedented support and protection. QD-1 lining soaks the sweat away while keeping hands ventilated. Reinforced stitching gives it long-lasting durability for everlasting perfection. * Convex Skin Maya Side leather ensures no wear and tear takes place. * Max ShockTM Equilibrium Foam distributes the force evenly for unmatched comfort and support. * Sponge X padding on cuffs for a perfect construction. * QD-1 lining proves pivotal in sweat absorption. * Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop strap is there for a secure fit.