RDX Sports Grappling Gloves Shooter T-15

This MMA glove is Indestructible and secure. Extremely compact and MG-1 Padded mold offers shock-absorbent padding for optimum impact resistance. Y-Volar palm design delivers upgraded ventilation technology that assists in hygiene adeptness and shrinks unpleasant aroma. Quick EZ closure system ensures your hands stay put and offers easy on-off application. With versatile design and classy exterior, we deliver the top quality gloves that are unrivaled in the combat industry. The highly durable ConvEX Skin leather built can take on some serious thrashing and will still last long with you. * These MMA gloves are manufactured using sturdy and durable ConvEX Skin leather material. * MG-1 padded mold for effective impact diffusion to protect your knuckles * Y-Volar palm design enhances natural grip and aerates palms effectively * Quick-EZ hook-and-loop closure system an easy and secure fit * Industrial grade stitching ensure career lasting durability