RDX Sports Mark Pro Fight Tri Korta2 Boxing Gloves

Put up your dukes! Prepare to manifest goals and take your combat sports career to new heights with RDX Tri Korta 2 fight gloves. Resilient Super Skin leather with a breathable dazzle fabric inner stitched to perfection, results in a remarkably study pro boxing gloves which feel incredibly comfortable on the inside with the ideal fit to protect your fists. High density Tri Korta MOULD breaks down the shock-impact and is backed with Sponge X PADDING that further enhances shock-absorbency so you get the most comfortable power punching experience. Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam padding delivers proactive knuckle defense without sacrificing power and effectively dissipates impact across the surface of this competition glove. Our boxing glove in black and golden features a lace-up mechanism with Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam and Sponge X PADDING across the cuff for enhanced wrist-stabilization and wrist-protection from stray shots. * Durable Super Skin combat leather exterior that offers career-lasting durability and combats wear-and-tear * Dazzle fabric provides a cool feel inside so your hands stay comfortable while you're doing the max on the outside * Tri Korta MOULD provides optimal protection for your hands and knuckles during power-punching, and is layered with Sponge X PADDING and Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam for improved shock-absorbency. * Polyester laces allow a budge-proof, comfortable and customizable fit so you can remain focused on the fight. * Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam and Sponge X PADDING on the cuffs offers the perfect wrist construction and overall protection.