RDX Sports T7 Weight Training Dipping Belt With Chain

Give your fitness gear an essential upgrade with RDX Dipping Belt. Made for bodybuilders interested in strength and resistance training. A tapered construction with a thick layer of EVA foam padding is enclosed in layers of highly resilient Polyester fabric on the inner side and Polypropylene fabric at the front. The EVA padding provides absolute lumbar support. While the Polyester fabric lining serves as a spongy buffer that not only feels comfortable but enhances the grip as well. The front is covered with two layers of Polypropylene, which offers an invincible barrier against maximum loads of up to 600lbs. Polyester covering ensures the belt will withstand a decent amount of wear and tear during workouts. RDX dipping belt is 32 inches in length, with 6-inch wide area around the back and a 4-inch wide area on the sides. Reinforced stitching all around with high grade, powder-coated D-rings, a heavy-duty 36 inches extra-long Steel chain allows you to add more weight plates. High guage carabiner helps carry extra weight. * The dipping belt perfectly assists in maintaining appropriate lower back posture during exercises like weighted dips, weighted chin-ups & pull-ups, hip belt squats and calf raises. * Tapered built allows for hips to move freely during deep end ranges. A thick layer of EVA sheet, lined with anti-slip polyester fabric provides a firmer grip. * The front of the belt is covered with one layer of wide weave polypropylene over which sits the overlay belt made of fine weave polypropylene. This dual-layer ensures maximum durability and weight-bearing capacity. * The belt is 32 inches long, with a 6 inches wide lumber area and tapered 4 inches wide side panels. * Heavy-duty, powder-coated metal D-rings and carabiner, with extra-long 36 inches heavy-gauge steel chain lets you carry extra plates during workout.