RDX Sports W4 Wrist Support Wraps For Weight Lifting

Stay motivated; keep pushing your boundaries, and lift heavier with impeccable support. Comfortable, secure and recognized by the International Power-lifting League (IPL) & United States Power-lifting Association (USPA), these pro weightlifting wrist wraps elevate your performance letting you focus on optimal gains while you let us handle the rest. An extra-wide wrap provides maximum wrist support to reduce stress while the extended length hook & loop stabilizes the wrist to prevent injury. Thick blended cotton-eglantine material provides longevity and serves as a thermal compression wrist wrap that soothes soreness. Non-slip rubber loops enhance grip so you get better form whether you're doing bench presses, rack pulls or deadlifts. * Made from heavy-duty cotton-eglantine blended material for durability * Extra-wide, extended length wrist wraps for exceptional support and superb comfort * Thumb loop for firm grip and adjustable hook & loop for a secure fit * Wrist wrap pair available in one size fits all * Advanced Weight Lifting Pro Series Straps for multipurpose use, ranging from weightlifting to gymnastics