RDX Sports WR11 Gym Wrist Wrap

We've all been there - just a few reps away from reaching a new personal best, only to have our wrists give out. This eventually holds us back from achieving our full potential. Wrist pain and injuries can be both frustrating and demotivating, not to mention the risk of permanent damage. The RDX WR11 Wrist Wraps are designed to address this key problem. These wraps ease the burden on your wrists, increase joint stability, and let you focus on what matters: taking your best shot all day, every day. * Made from heavy-duty cotton eglantine material * Features an extra-wide and long design for maximum support * An additional 3-inch wide thumb loop design for extra support * Comes with 25% extended stretchability for ultimate comfort * Adjustable quick-EZ hook and loop for a snug fit * Approved by USPA, IPL, World powerlifting congress, and Global powerlifting committee * OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified * One standard size in multiple colours