Tru Grit Cast Iron Kettlebell

Tru Grit Kettlebells commence their journey from top quality iron ore with a single casting process to ensure the molds are straight, and balanced which are key details when choosing equipment. Kettlebells are a key tool in building strength and cardio capacity. Featuring a flat base that ensures that the bell stands securely on any flat surface or gym mat. Finished with a industrial grade powder-coated finish that provides a comfortable hand feel and secure grip. Select from fifteen different weights from 9lb to 88lb. For optimal strength and longevity, it's made from iron ore rather than scrap metal and forged in a single cast. Each kettlebell is handcrafted using a proprietary casting technique to assure the greatest quality and finish possible. This method also results in a completed handle that is smooth and pleasant. The smooth machined base on our powder coated kettlebells ensures a correct stance on any flat floor surface. Tru Grit's Cast Iron Kettlebells have a matte black powder coating that has a nice textured feel and will hold chalk for an easy and comfortable grip. In comparison to epoxy-finished items, the coating provides a natural grip.