Tru Grit Phantom Bumper Plates

Phantom Series Bumper Plate Pairs by Tru Grit Fitness are sold in pairs as complete sets. These bumper plates are ideal for your home garage, home gym, school weight room, or gym and will save money. These are the ideal plates that will be reliable day in and day out at a reasonable price, the Bumper Plates Economic Series by Tru Grit will not disappoint. We took a modern approach to the old-school loud iron plates. Unlike most bumper plates, our manufacturing process uses first-class materials for guaranteed product longevity. Built for performance and to withstand your planned thrashing, not beauty. Barbell Collar insets are created into the plane of the actual plate, allowing for better protection when using multiple plates on the bar, this process also avoids and minimizes the risk of inserts popping out under load. Built for performance and to withstand your planned thrashing not beauty.