Signature Fish Oil with Omega-3

Countless studies have shown that the fatty acids we get from fish are invaluable for our health. Signature Fish Oil supports your cardiovascular system, your brain, your joints, and your immune system.* We source clean, fatty fish for our Fish Oil, and lemon-flavored enteric coating means no fishy aftertaste. -1,250mg Total Fish Oil with 400mg EPA & 300mg DHA in One Pill -Enteric Coated - No Fishy Aftertaste -Supports a Healthy Heart* -Supports Brain, Eye, and Joint Health* -Supports Immune System and Skin Health* -May Help Support a Healthy Mood* The most important aspect of a quality fish oil is its concentration of EPA and DHA. These are the specific Omega-3 fatty acids that promote the favorable health benefits that fish oil offers. Signature Fish Oil includes 400mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA in a single softgel, ensuring an effective dose without having to take a handful of pills.